Thank you so much for the plug-in help

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Thank you so much for the plug-in help

Postby Champion31337 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:07 am

just wanted to say thank you to "guns1inger" for helping out with a problem having devastating effect on my main PC that hosts not only PS3MS but several other servers as well. I installed K-Lite Mega Codec Pack on my PC and had terrible break-up, freezing, and skipping ahead problems while streaming HD vids PC to PS3 upstairs. I googled and googled and came across this post which so far seemed to fix it entirely.. ... dia-Server 2nd post down

i clicked on the actual link, downloaded, installed, 0 problems immediately...

on the verge of investing in a lot of hardware thinking i might have had a bad hdd, i first looked for software to fix what i thought to be a corrupted MKV file which people say there is no luck...i came across this, installed it and viola....honestly i couldnt believe it...i truely was pretty surpised....being in IT for almost 10 years now i know credit it needed when earned so thanks
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