Where is the uninstall instructions?

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Where is the uninstall instructions?

Postby ossi69 » Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:16 am

:?: Where are the uninstall instructions for mac :?:

I have tried one of the latest (2 weeks ago) snapshot, and it has caused so many headaches...

I tried using third party uninstall aswell, but still lingering issues (looking at console... and items are still there related to ps3 media server)

So I know, there should be some kind of command for stopping dlna server on command port.
What is it?

I researched thru google.... nothing.
I searched thru this site.... nothing.

How do you properly uninstall this product on mac?

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Re: Where is the uninstall instructions?

Postby bugmenot1 » Thu Oct 23, 2014 3:20 am

PS3 Media Server is written in Java (which means that it can run on different OS & hardware platforms without modification, at the expense of being ridiculously bloated and slow.) In other words, you can make a big fat turd that will run on the Mac, without knowing anything about Mac software development tools or the Mac operating system. And the developers of this turd obviously dont know anything about the Mac, because they did not bother to include an uninstaller to reverse whatever the installer does. They simply used an installer-creation utility called ‘IzPack’* to make their stupid Java installer look like a native Mac application. But that does not mean they have any idea what they are doing to your Mac, because they do not actually need to own a Mac to publish Java apps for the Mac. The IzPack utility does create an uninstaller (which is hidden inside the application along with the Java interpreter), but I cannot guarantee that it works correctly. You can go ahead and try it, and see if it cleans anything up. Just open a Terminal and paste in the following exactly as shown as a single command (no line breaks):

Code: Select all
/Applications/“PS3 Media Server.app"/Contents/PlugIns/jre1.7.0_25.jre/Contents/Home/bin/java -jar /Applications/"PS3 Media Server.app"/Uninstall/remove.task

*IZpack homepage

When I drop the PS3 app on my favorite uninstaller utility (AppDelete), it does not find any other files associated with this program. That does not guarantee the system is clean, but Universal Media Server* (a much improved version of PS3) does not appear to create any other files. However, it does not use a separate installer. Sorry but I dont have time to reverse-engineer this thing any further right now. Maybe you could ask the IZpack developer if he can determine what his installer might have done to your system. It looks like you are stuck without any tech support here since the original author of PS3 Media Server walked away from the project and left it in the hands of careless idiots who should not be allowed to publish broken Java apps disguised as native Mac apps.

* http://www.universalmediaserver.com/about/

I dont see anything in the console here, but other people do seem to have similar complaints about not being able to uninstall properly:

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