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Flag/Filter invalid Support Topic

Postby HalcyonDaze » Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:46 pm

I've spent quite some time attempting to troubleshoot an issue I've been having (MKV's not A/V sync'd with versions past 1.54, fwiw) but Ive had a lot of difficulty finding information on the Forum because of a sort of Catch 22 in the posting guidelines. Here's my issue:

The guidelines clearly state that before posting a request it is the Forum member's responsibility to search the forum for an existing thread on the same topic. Violating Topics will not receive a response. While that makes perfect sense and would streamline the help process in a perfect world, the reality is that not all people take the time or have success doing that. So what ends up happening is that a popular problem, particularly the one's without a single easy fix, end up getting huge numbers of duplicate threads, all of which are getting ignored. However, when a new member such as myself attempts the forum search in accordance with the guidelines, they have to wade through pages and pages of topics and posts that just ask the same question over and over, hoping to find the hidden Easter-egg answer buried somewhere in the haystack. The more widespread and complex the problem the worse the this haystack gets, either because the OP's never found what the Mods consider the Primary thread, or else they believe their issue is different enough to warrant a new Topic.

Suggested Solutions:
a) Add a feature in the Advanced Search that will filter out any topics that have no responses, which should remove the majority of the duplicate or uninformative threads, without requiring continuing effort on the part of the Mods.
b) Flag, Lock and/or Remove threads that have been deemed in violation of the Guidelines so that we the forum members will know that no response will be forthcoming, and be able to hopefully zero in on the Original/Primary thread.
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Re: Flag/Filter invalid Support Topic

Postby meskibob » Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:07 pm

For your specific issue, the current reports seem to indicate a) updating to the latest snapshot build (viewtopic.php?f=14&t=14753), and b) updating the transcode engines (eg viewtopic.php?f=6&t=17739&p=82747#p82732) fix the various playback issues people have been recently experiencing.

Regarding the forum rules, the goal is to have users check the FAQ, search within bounds of reason, and then post a proper issue report. If you post a known problem with a known solution while following the forum rules, you'll typically get a link to the solution as a response instead of just no response. If you post a problem (known or unknown) without a solution, you'll hopefully get a response, although quite a few devs have been inactive for a little while. The forum rules are really meant for posts that just say "I HAVE A PROBLEM!!11!!!" without any attempt to define the problem and/or provide the requisite info listed in the forum rules.

As to your suggestions,
a) There may be a plugin (or some other way) to enhance the Advanced Search, although I didn't find one in my quick search. Maybe one of the Admins can look into it.
b) Maybe at some point the forum will get cleaned up, although it's probably easier to just get known solutions into the FAQ.
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