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Postby dedeleko » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:24 pm


Unfortunately my laptop does not have an HDMI port so PMS seemed like a great solution to play HD movies on my PS3.
At first (couple of months ago) it worked great, however the lag was really driving me crazy (I was using wireless) so I stopped using it.
Now last month I decided to give it another try after a friend told me to use a wired connection. After I tried that it worked a lot better, however it does lag a lot sometimes which is weird because my internet is really fast and no one else is using the bandwith as I live alone in my apartment.

This was my only problem up until now. For the past 2 weeks, PMS does not recognize my laptop anymore. This doesn't make any sense at all since it worked perfectly fine when I first downloaded it without having to edit any settings whatsoever. The strange thing is, after my break from PMS, it immediatly recognized my PS3 when I first started it again. After a few days though, it keeps giving the message: no renderers found. I tried reinstalling the thing but it doesn't help a thing. After a few hours I tried again and poof it worked.

Earlier this day I started up PMS and it recognized the PS3 really quick. I thought 'great', so I started my movie. I forgot however to plug in the internet cable in my laptop and while the movie was playing it kept lagging like hell. So I decided to reboot PMS and my PS3 was lost again and cannot be found to this time.

This thing is really starting to annoy me and I wonder what I can do to keep it working like it did before. I haven't installed anything in the time it worked before until now so there are no other programs interferring. My virusscanner didn't give any problems either.
So to sum up:

How do I keep PMS stable so it recognizes my PS3 ALL THE TIME?
How do I get rid of the lag even though the PS3 and the laptop are using a wired internet connection?
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