Videos not working as much anymore

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Videos not working as much anymore

Postby honda929 » Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:21 am

Ok this seems to be getting worse and worse with downloaded videos... PS3 media server is installed with the 1.90.1 on my pc I have it wired to my PS3 and watch them there. I get data corrupted alot more and go into transcode and they are still having issues, I am not sure if the settings I have are correct in setup or if its PMS or the videos them selves that are the issue. But the videos will works just fine running them on the pc. If someone has gone through this and knows a fix that would be great, Or if someone has some settings that fix this issue and can share that would also a plus too. PMS seems like the best one out there but I am not sure I can continue to use if I can't watch videos though it.
Thanks in advance
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