Creating Thumbnails Slow on Gigabit Home Network

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Creating Thumbnails Slow on Gigabit Home Network

Postby kiwilink » Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:14 pm


I am trying to understand how the Thumbnail cache works. Do PS3 Media Server rely on the scan that I do in Windows Media Player to access thumbnails. Not sure how I get my thumbnails to reside in cache for PMS uses it. I have checked "Enable Cache", "Image Thumbnails", "Use Mplayer for video thumbnails", and "Generate thumbnails". Should all of these be checked? What is Mplayer?

I have reset the cache and restarted. When I go to my pictures directory (which has over 100 directories) and I drill down to a director that has 80 pictures in it, I have to wait for PMS to draw each and evey thumbnail. Not sure why it doesn't use what is in the cache instead of going thru this every time. I'm sure I have a setting wrong. Once I clear the cache do I have to go to my PS3 and individually open up each and every directory on my PS3 so it rebuilds the cache?

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it!!


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Re: Creating Thumbnails Slow on Gigabit Home Network

Postby ExSport » Wed Jan 08, 2014 5:27 pm

Thumbs are cached only when you browse file structure to them (because of that first browse to these files are slower).
PMS then saves them to DB/MediaLibrary (if it is enabled) for later use. If it is disabled, cache is in memory only so after server restart, thumbs have to be recreated again.
I am not sure but if you click on "magnify glass" in PMS GUI where you define shared folders, PMS should scan all your files and create them automatically. But here I am not sure if also thumbs are maintained and not only codec/audio/video/subs/container/... for media files. This magnify glass should help to precache info which is gathered when you browse any new media files.
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