Problem with multiple subs at once

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Problem with multiple subs at once

Postby hoernig » Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:33 pm

Hi, I'm having a strange problem with subs, I have tried searching the forums and google but haven't really found any answers!

When I have any video with two sets of subs playing at once (say english subs, and karaoke subs at the same time) sometimes one of the sets will not load, so I will either get just the English or just the karaoke.

Although this can vary from line to line, one line of the song may load both sets of subs fine, then the next second one will just not appear. This happens with every video I watch when there is more than one set of subs at once, regardless of quality, file format ect.

I don't know much about the internal working of PMS but version 1.60 and earlier do not have this problem, though every version 1.70 up does do it for me.
I was playing about trying to solve it and when I copied the win32 folder across from v1.60 to any new version, say v1.80, v1.90, v1.90.1 subs suddenly work fine! So I have a feeling it's not settings in PMS itself?

Any solutions would be great! Thanks

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Re: Problem with multiple subs at once

Postby Zogundar » Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:19 am

I don't have a solution, but I will report that I just experienced this same exact problem on a fresh installation of the latest version on a new computer. I thought maybe the subbers had just goofed, but when I checked the file on my computer, they displayed fine. At which point I Googled to see if there was a known problem, and here I am. I guess I'll be downgrading to an earlier version (I've been using 1.50 on my old computer.) Sorry I don't have a solution, but your discovery is appreciated.


I just tested it, and sure enough, the subtitles display properly now after downgrading to 1.60.

RAM use unfortunately skyrocketed compared to the newer version, but I guess my new computer can handle it, whereas my old one would probably hack and wheeze. I did make one other change though, so maybe it was switching to lossless quality that was responsible for that part. The newer version has an "Auto" mode that 1.60 lacks that I'd been using before.
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