EVA2000 (VuNow)

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EVA2000 (VuNow)

Postby kgom » Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:04 pm

I am having trouble getting particular .mkv files not to be transcoded. Here is a custom renderer I'm creating for my Netgear eva2000 (vunow) box.
Most times i play mkv files they are transcoded with that renderer.
I have to add StreamExtensions=mkv to stream all .mkv files without any transcoding.
But i would like to configure which types are to be transcoded.
Any suggestions of what to change ?


Code: Select all
RendererName = NetGear Eva 2000
RendererIcon = eva2000.png
UserAgentSearch = Verismo
UserAgentAdditionalHeader = Verismo-BlackUI
UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch =
Video = true
Audio = true
Image = true
LongFilenameFormat =
ShortFilenameFormat =
SeekByTime = exclusive
DLNALocalizationRequired = false
MediaInfo = true
CreateDLNATreeFaster = false
TranscodeVideo = MPEGPSAC3
TranscodeAudio = MP3
DefaultVBVBufSize = false
WrapDTSIntoPCM = false
MaxVideoBitrateMbps = 0
MaxVideoWidth = 1920
MaxVideoHeight = 1080
H264Level41Limited = true
TranscodeAudioTo441kHz = false
TranscodeFastStart = true
TranscodedVideoFileSize = -1
MimeTypesChanges = video/avi=video/x-divx
TranscodeExtensions =
StreamExtensions =
ForceJPGThumbnails = true
ChunkedTransfer = false
CustomMencoderQualitySettings =
CustomMencoderOptions =
SubtitleHttpHeader =
PadVideoWithBlackBordersTo169AR =
RescaleByRenderer =
AutoExifRotate = true
Supported = f:mpegps|mpegts   v:mpeg1|mpeg2|mp4|h264   a:ac3|lpcm|mpa       m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:avi|divx        v:mp4|divx|mjpeg         a:mp3|lpcm|mpa|ac3   m:video/x-divx     gmc:0
Supported = f:mp4             v:mp4|h264               a:ac3                m:video/mp4
Supported = f:mp4             v:mp4|h264               a:aac                m:video/mp4                n:2
Supported = f:wmv             v:wmv|vc1                a:wma                m:video/x-ms-wmv           n:2
Supported = f:mkv v:mkv|mpeg1|mpeg2|mp4|h264|vc1    a:mkv|mp3|dts|ac3|lpcm|mpa|wma|aac m:video/x-matroska

Supported = f:wav   a:dts|lpcm   n:6   s:48000   m:audio/wav
Supported = f:wav                n:2   s:48000   m:audio/wav
Supported = f:mp3                n:2             m:audio/mpeg
Supported = f:aac                n:2             m:audio/x-m4a      a:(?!alac).+
Supported = f:wma                n:2             m:audio/x-ms-wma
Supported = f:atrac              n:2             m:audio/x-oma
Supported = f:dts m:audio/dts

Supported = f:jpg    m:image/jpeg
Supported = f:png    m:image/png
Supported = f:gif    m:image/gif
Supported = f:tiff   m:image/tiff

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Re: EVA2000 (VuNow)

Postby Raptor399 » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:39 pm

Does it help if you simplify the current .mkv supported line from this:

Code: Select all
Supported = f:mkv v:mkv|mpeg1|mpeg2|mp4|h264|vc1    a:mkv|mp3|dts|ac3|lpcm|mpa|wma|aac m:video/x-matroska

To this:
Code: Select all
Supported  = f:mkv m:video/x-matroska

If you want to match "everything" it is better to not specify individual codecs, because if you miss one that type of .mkv will not stream. So this simplified line basically says "if the format is 'mkv', stream the video with mime type 'video/x-matroska'".
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