Sort of a workaround for choppy playback

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Sort of a workaround for choppy playback

Postby kamale » Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:55 pm

Hey guys, kinda new to this PMS thing and just wanna thank the devs for making such an awesome programme. Anyway after trying to playback some videos i noticed some of them were extremely choppy and slow. I'm not sure was it due to my router or something. Both my laptop and PS3 get like 77% signal from the router in the hall. Do forgive me if this has already been done but I've decided to make the playback a little smoothe by doing these few things and so far its been working really well and handling everything I can throw at it. Watching Superbad right now LOL

So basically what I did was create an access point with my laptop. So instead of going the long way round PS3 > Router > Laptop i removed the router out of the equation. This might have been done before but i just wanna share that it works wonders. Transferring stuff is so much quicker with the PS3 > Laptop. With more settings you can actually connect to the internet through your laptop.
Surfing on the laptop isn't affected one bit. So anyway I would love to have a step by step run down but then again like I said not too sure if someone has already done it so yeah if anyone is interested in this method just leave a reply and I'll do a step by step if its been done before then I'll just not do it hahaha

BTW if your savvy enough a little googling does wonders you'll get this up and running in like 5mins :lol:
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