Must restart PMS to display New Media

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Must restart PMS to display New Media

Postby darkskypoet » Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:30 am

AS per the sticky up top, I have filled in the Problem reporting Matrix... However - So far throughout my testing the issue seems to be server side, and I am wondering if it just because PMS works like this, or if it is a permissions issue, or what?

Once PMS starts up and is loaded (not running as an auto started Windows service / Daemon) - Whatever media exists int he shared folders is all that will ever be displayed in the media list... Until PMS is restarted; then it will happily enumerate all the new files and serve them just fine.

My issue, is that as files are added to the shared folders, they will not show up. Nothing I do on the client side effects the listing of the new files int he shared folder... Only thing that does is when I kill, then restart PMS.

IS there a fix to that? Otherwise, I absolutely love this app as my first choice in UPNP / DLNA media Server-ness... But for Pete's sake... What am I missing here?

Thanks, I am sure (and hopeful) that i was just a a buffon who missed something Blaringly obvious, and so please sass / belittle / flame away... Just please tell me how to fix this.

My Google fu is lacking here, which usually spells "It's just you that is having this problem".


1- Your computer specs (cpu, memory, O/S) and the precise version of PMS that you're using (eg 1.10.51 or r409, not "latest version")
Immaterial, however i5, 8GB RAM, 120Gb SSD, 2 x 2TB WD Black HDD, 2 x Radeon HD 6950, etc. Windows 7 pro x64

PMS Version 1.30.1 (and past few versions that i have used)

2- Device you are streaming to (PS3, XBox360, etc) and the .conf file if using a custom renderer profile
Various - all have same issue - It appears to be Server side

3- Your local network setup (WAN/ISP bandwidth does not matter) including connection type (Wifi, homeplugs, 100mbit ethernet, gigabit) and what you're connected through (direct connection, switch, router) --> e.g. PC <-Wifi G-> Linksys WRT54G Router <-100mbps-> PS3
10/100/1000 Wired Ethernet - Via Gigabit router - others Via Wireless G lan. Same router. PC -> TELUS Supplied gigabit / wireless G Router -> Devices
4- Which engine you are using if you're transcoding (MEncoder, AviSynth/MEncoder, TSmuxer)
5- Detailed information on what is not working

Any new files added tot he shared folders will not appear no matter what is done to the client devices. Will appear instantly upon restart of PMS. Is this by design? Or is there somethng I missed? Or will ic onstantly have to get up and go and restart PMS to watch something that just finished ripping / downloading?

6- A debug.log file excerpt or the whole file - ... 484#p38484


7- The text output from MediaInfo (it's a program, click the link) can usually help figure out what's going on if you're having issues with a specific file or file type.

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Re: Must restart PMS to display New Media

Postby Val Killmore » Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:52 am

PMS should automatically repopulate the folder when you back out one level, then go back into the same folder.

On mine, the new folders/files will be at the bottom of the list (folders at the bottom of the folder stack under the #transcode# folder, single files at the bottom of the file stack) A restart of PMS should line them up in their appropriate alphabetical position.
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Re: Must restart PMS to display New Media

Postby chocolateboy » Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:37 pm

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Re: Must restart PMS to display New Media

Postby darkskypoet » Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:24 pm

Unfortunately, that's not happening in my case. Media copied into the folder doesn't appear on the downstream device until a restart. PMS recognizes my Patriot Hone media player as a popcorn hour, and by and large everything else works great. Even restarting the player device doesn't reveal the added media in the list. However, perhaps there is a firmware update for the player I can try. Has anyone else come accross this issue? Should I run PMS as a service?

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Re: Must restart PMS to display New Media

Postby Marj » Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:30 am

I got my Patriot Media player working (or as i like to call it the PBO)!

Easy fix is too add:


also add:

m4v to the end of the "StreamExtensions=" string if you have .m4v files.

That's the quick and dirty.

I had a little bit more fun with it though as I made a whole PBO profile and added a PBO.png so a pic of the PBO actually pops up!

This PS3 Media Server is an amazing product!

good luck,
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