Need help!

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Need help!

Postby sebastien^_^ » Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:31 pm

Hey guys !

I just registered but been reading the forums for quite a while.I have a big time problem running anything smoothly on my ps3. I always thought it was a feature that just didn't work on ps3.All of my friends does it but for some reason i , can't get crap to work.I can download via wireless up to almost 10mbs sec so speed isn't a problem.I cannot use wired connection as my router is upstairs and my ps3 downstairs. The thing that is very near to my ps3 is my desktop which is about few meters away.My question is : would there be a way to use my broadand adapter to transmit to the ps3 without passing thru the network so i can gain speed??? because im experienting so much stutter on all files i read im about to throw the system out the window.

Im using MCAFEE as anti virus , and i have added full trust to pms so firewall shouldn't be a issue .
cisco router (pretty recent no antennas)
Lynksis network dual BAND pcie card
My pc specs is pretty darn good
I5 3570K
16 gig of ram
external hard drive for video files streaming

Thanks for your help!
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