Streaming HD, video skipping back and forth

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Streaming HD, video skipping back and forth

Postby absolutego » Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:55 am

I apologize because I've seen the issue discussed but I just can't seem to fix it for myself. I'm not a techie by any means and my searching skills have seem to run their course. I've ripped Game of Thrones BRD to my system, extracted the episodes from the .iso in .m2ts format. Trying to get this to stream to the PS3 but if I set the MPEG-2 option as lossless or anything above *Good quality for HD Wifi* it will skip around back and forth in the video. I'm using LPCM for audio (I only have stereo setup anyway). I can watch fine with the quality cranked down.

Here's my setup:

Win 8.1 64-bit
i5-3570K (4 CPUs)
16GB Ram
GeForce GTX 670

I've got a wired connection through a TL-SG10005D as a gigabit switch off of a 2Wire 3801HGV router. My PC says its getting gigabit network speed, not sure how to tell if my PS3 is or not.

MEncoder won't play the video at all (data type not supported). VLC will play video without sound. tsMuxeR will play with sound and music, but without dialogue. FFmpeg is the only option I can find that will work.

Media info: MPEG-2

Debug log: ... /

So I've tried increasing the java heap size (which I've read might be irrelevant if I have 16GB of RAM), but that didn't seem to help anything. I'm curious what will limit my transcode buffer, even with my java heap increased so I can set the max to 1400MB nothing changed.Tried streaming from my SSD, that didn't work.

Any help is greatly appreciated!! If any more info is needed let me know and I will replay ASAP. If there is simply a way to convert the .m2ts file so I can just stream instead of converting of course I would be happy to do that instead.
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