Sony W9 series issue

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Sony W9 series issue

Postby Maxcherry2 » Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:45 pm


I am new and this is my first post, any help would be gratefully received.

I have been using PMS for a few years without issues on a PS3. I use it to stream movies from a little HP Micro server currently ruining Linux Ubuntu 12.04LTS

I have just upgraded to PSM 1.90.1 to see if this fixed my issue but this is not the case.

The PS3 plays the files fine as a stream but the Sony Bravia won't play them natively.

If I use Mencoder using the transcode folder it will play the files however the little HP server is only 1.3 Ghz duel atom so can't handle on the fly.

The TV see's the files under it's client it also try's to play them just no sound or picture. It see's the files as AVC* and know how big they are and how long the playtime is the PS3 also see them as AVC.

The same files play over windows media player and the TV see them as mpeg*

So my problem seems to be the way PMS talks to the TV or that the TV doesn't support AVC .

However it does seem to form WMP so how do I get PMS to send the files in another container without having to transcode a sort of spoof?

I have tried the Render config available on this site on they again don't fix the issue.

I haven't added any debug info because it doesn't have any errors.

It recognizes the Bravia with the right render config and it will stream if transcoding is used.


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