MP4 files with SRT.subs Subs not displayed

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MP4 files with SRT.subs Subs not displayed

Postby Miinda » Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:01 pm

Hello everyone. I've been using the PMS for a while now but I recently ran into problems with a blueray MP4 rip. I'm trying to get the .srt sub files to work but they don't seem to want to. Clicking the triangle button informs me that there are no subs avaliable. When playing it on my computer with for instance VLC media player it works just fine.

I have the exact same name for the two files that I want to work together (except for the ending, .mp4 for the video file and .srt for the subs file).
I looked through some old comments here on the website and they talked about downgrading to a lesser version, but that was quite a while ago, so I'm wondering if this still is the case?
I am streaming to a PS3.

As a side note here, I am happy to admit that I am a -complete- noob on this. Imagine yourself speaking to a child when you explain things, please. I am no good with this kind of stuff.
Thanks on forehand.

PS: I have the latest avaliable version of Java and the latest avaliable version of PMS.

I really appriciate any help and I am so sorry if this has been answered somewhere else, I did several different searches trying to find if someone else could have a possible solution for me. Thank you so much!
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