Difference between service and manual start of wrapper.exe?

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Difference between service and manual start of wrapper.exe?

Postby grimfel » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:41 am

Hi folks.

First post. Searched the forums but didn't find what I was looking for. Same thing with general web searches.

Now, first off, I know that in general running PMS as a service in Windows (I'm running Win7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1) results in a loss of the icon in the system tray that would normally allow you to get to the configuration panel. This seems to be pretty well established in multiple posts that I've found in my searches.

However, while I was bonking around trying to get everything to work, I noticed that if I start wrapper.exe manually, instead of allowing the service to do it, the icon appears in the tray. When I double click on it, I get the configuration panel, though the QUIT button has been grayed out. If I change settings and tell it to save, it updates my pms.conf file without any problems. CRTL-C in the console window effectively seems to quit the wrapper application, allowing it to shut itself down properly.

Now, if I start/run PMS as a service, which as far as I can tell just runs the same application, wrapper.exe, it doesn't provide that tray icon. The only difference I've been able to spot is that it throws a "-s" switch in when it's starting, followed by the path to the wrapper configuration file. I wasn't able to find a key to command line switches, so wasn't sure exactly what the -s switch was doing.

So, I guess my question is: What's the difference between the system automatically running wrapper.exe (running as a service) versus running it manually from the /win32/service directory? I'm hoping the answer to this will shed light on why the latter gives me a configuration panel when the former does not.

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