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Subtitles changing

Postby lordfreak » Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:50 pm

Recently I upgraded to PS3 media server 1.81 on ubuntu server 12.04.
Now when I have a .mkv, which already has subtitles, combined with external subtitles the subtitles suddenly change.
So for example the .mvk starts playing with french subtitles, the external one.
Then when a point is reached where the .mkv contains it's own, english subtitles it suddenly switches to english.
It then remains english for the remainder of the .mkv.
When I back out of the video (bij pressing the circle-button) and then starting the video (so now it's not at the beginning, but at the point where I backed out) the subtitles are french again for one sentence and then change back to english again.
I hope somebody has a solution for this problem.
Thanks in advance,

Edit: probably some more things I should mention.
This also happens with a clean install of ps3mediaserver, so I'm guessing it's not in my config files.
However, turning off ASS/SSA subtitle styling kind of works. The other subtitles (english ones) will still flash through, but then the correct ones come.
Obviously this is not ideal and the subtitles are really ugly this way.
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