PMS not listed on PS3 after initial load

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PMS not listed on PS3 after initial load

Postby HaNNibalHector » Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:28 am

I am having this very strange issue ever since updating to 1.82.0. I am on win8. When I start up my PC, I launch PMS w/o issue. My PS3 sees it fine. However, if I turn off my ps3 and back on some time later, it no longer sees the PMS, EVEN if I never close it on my PC.

In the task manager I see a 32-bit Java process listed w/ the PMS icon. Sometimes I can kill the process (which obviously kills the PMS interface), re launch it, and it'll reappear on the PS3. If I turn ps3 off again, same problem reoccurs... it's quite frustrating.

PS... sometimes I am not even able to kill the process in the task manager. If I reopen PMS, I'll have multiple instances of the Java task. I haven't noticed any strange messages in the traces.

I am running Java 7 update 21.

Appreciate the help... Thank you!
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