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mkv2vob playback

Postby 383stroker » Mon Jun 10, 2013 4:47 pm

Hi all,
I always copy .mkv files onto my ps3 to guarantee smooth playback and lately they have not been copying, so I have ran them through mkv2vob. The problem is when I copy then to the ps3 hard drive, they will not play back. I open then up and it's just a black screen, bring up the display, and the run time of the file is 0:00 start and 0:00 end. As soon as you hit pause, the time comes up and you can fast forward and rewind the whole movie, but it will not actually play, it's like it's stuck in pause. Preview thumbnails on the playstation show the first loop of the file, and when viewing the file info, all info is there like file size, resolution and runtime etc. Not sure if it's mkv2vob or ps3ms. If they would copy without running through mkv2vob that would be fine as well. Any thoughts?
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