Help installing plugins (channel)

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Help installing plugins (channel)

Postby thames » Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:13 am

No experience installing plugins on a mac and I'm having trouble figuring out a few instructions from :
1) Does it matter where I put the channel files in relation to the plugins directory ?
2) Where am I supposed to or where would you recommend saving the PMSEncoder scripts to?
a) Is there a place where I can download all the scripts in a zip file or should I save them individually from github/sharkhunther/chan
3) I went ahead an edited pms.conf and inserted channel configuration options that were listed (from above site) in the format channels.xxxx = variable )
Is this the correct syntax ?

If there is somewhere where I can get ps3 media server with plugins and conf files already edited please point me in that direction
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