Album cover art in Samsung 46UD6050 TV music player app

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Album cover art in Samsung 46UD6050 TV music player app

Postby Slartibartfast » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:14 pm

As the title says I am streaming media to my Samsung 46UD6050 from PMS v1.80.0 on my Win7 x64 PC. I was using TVersity for this, but some time ago they stopped offering a free version when the version number jumped to 2.0, and the pre-2.0 version I was using was getting more and more behind the times. Also, Samsung TV support on TVersity was difficult to configure right. A week ago it just stopped showing up on my Samsung, and rather than spend a lot of time trying to troubleshoot what was now an obsolete version, I decided to look for an alternative, which led me to PMS.

I'm loving it so far, but one thing that has me stymied is getting album art to display in the audio player on my TV. After extensive searching in these forums, I managed to get part of the way by placing a JPG of the cover art in the album folders and naming it "Folder.jpg". Doing this places a small "icon" version of the cover art next to each MP3 file in the folder when navigating the media with AllShare, but what I really want is to get a larger version of the cover art to display in the actual music player app on the TV. Right now, the music player displays a generic "female singer with a microphone" image on the player screen. What I'd like is to get the TV to replace that with the actual cover art from somewhere in the folder.

I tried some tricks I read about here for video box art, such as creating images with the same name as the MP3 files, but with ".jpg", or ".cover.jpg" tacked on the end, but nothing I tried works. I know PMS is designed primarily for streaming to PS3, but it works so well with my Samsung TV otherwise I'm sure there must be a way to get PMS to serve up cover art that the music player app can display.

Has anyone got experience with this?
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