Streams not listed on many UPNP Control Point Softwares

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Streams not listed on many UPNP Control Point Softwares

Postby Ringrocker » Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:54 am

Hey there,

i mainly use PMS to stream "spotify" to my WDTV Live using a direct sound bridge.

My Solution broadcasts the audio stream as a web radio ( /Web/Radio).
This works all right when i browse the PMS from using WDTV Live

As the Device is pretty crappy usability-wise i prefer to Remote-Control it via UPNP.
It seems that some clients list the radio stream and some dont.
For example the Android-App Bubble-UPNP allows to start the stream on my WDTV Live without having to turn on my TV and fiddle with the annoying WDTV Live Remote.
This is nice but it would be even nicer if i could do that on my PC, i wouldnt need to pick up my android device ;)

I found two UPNP Control Point Softwares for my Win 7 PC (Kinsky and eezUPNP) but the dont list the stream. When i browse to /Web/Radio the folder lists as empty.
My guess is that some kinds of UPNP Controllers can only work with files, not with streams.
Does anyone know a control software that can do the trick?
Whats the name of the feature that enables a control software to work with streams as well as with files?#

thanks in advance!
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