Xbox has Root access

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Xbox has Root access

Postby dutchshrek » Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:32 pm

I posted this question on he Linux Mint forums as well but I figured I'd ask here too to double my chances of getting a response

I'm running Linux Mint Mate 32bit, and I have an Xbox360 as well as a PS3.
I've now installed PS3Media Server and managed to set it up properly so it streams to both devices.

However I seem to have a security issue.
In PMS I'm only sharing 2 folders (TV and Movies) and on the PS3, those are the only ones I see.
But the Xbox, for some reason is able to browse through the root folder "/".

Has anyone seen this problem before or would have a suggestion where to look for the problem?
Mind you, I am very new at this linux thing so some of your terminology may sound alien to me. (though a lot I can google)

Oh by the way, the PMS version I have is 1.50. I followed the instructions found here : for the "Recommended" install.
I have yet to find out how to properly update to 1.72. I would download the tgz but I'm not sure what it does to dependencies.
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