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Always get 100% CPU

Postby dorice » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:14 am

I use pms for my Panasonic P46ST32C. When the video need transcoding, I can only watch a few minutes( < 5 min ), and then get 50% CPU for memcoder, 50% CPU for javaw ( dual cores ). I know transcoding need resources, but why javaw? I had tried many dlna servers, including twonky, serviio and pms. Twonky has the best performance, but the least supported formats, while pms has the most supported formats, but the worst performance! I like pms, but I cannot use it now ( maybe old version can! ), and I am trying to port the pms source code to another language ( such as D ). I hope I can get the better performance for pms.
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