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Video Thumbnail help

Postby tpmeitner » Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:59 am

I was using XBMC for a long time to watch my movies. In my hard drive, I organized all my movies in folders by genre (comedy, action, etc) and then in some cases by movie grouping (Back to the Future Triology, James Bond Movies all in own folder) then I would have an image saved in the folder under the name folder.jpg. When I installed PS3 Media Server, everything comes up, but I cannot get thumbnails to work. It displays the folder image as the thumbnail, the same image for every single file (image saved for the Comedy folder displays for each comedy movie). I changed the file name to not say folder.jpg and now none of the movies have a thumbnail (back to square one) so how do I get thumbnails to work? Do I need to click on reset media library?

Any help greatly appreciated as I am not extremely computer literate.
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Re: Video Thumbnail help

Postby Uridium » Tue Apr 14, 2009 10:32 am

As you've discovered PMS uses images slightly differently to XMBC/Windows OS.

The folder.jpg method is used in PMS for forcing the same image for a whole folder of videos (useful for a whole season of a TV show for example)

To get individual cover art for each movie you need to drop a jpeg with the exact same name as the movie file with the added suffix ".cover.jpeg" e.g.

My movie.avi
My movie.avi.cover.jpeg

My movie.mkv
My move.mkv.cover.jpeg

in the PS3 Media Server inteface (navigation tab iirc) you can also specify a different folder for these jpeg's
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