Problem with new PMS 1.72 --- LG TV ???

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Problem with new PMS 1.72 --- LG TV ???

Postby xaster » Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:46 pm

Hi folks,

i need your help with my PMS. I using it with my Denon AVR 4311 since over 1 year and was running fine.
Running an fileserver with WinXP SP3 Intel i3 2GB Ram in 24/7 operation.
I install one year ago the Java 6 with the PMS 1.xx and it was running as System Service without any Problems at the PS3 and the Denon 4311.
Some weeks ago i getting problems with the old Java 6 and upgrade to Java 7 and PMS 1.72 as well.
update wrapper.conf OLD: NEW:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe
Startup the PMS Service, update my firewall with the exe locations for Java 7 and PMS 1.72.
Use my Denon4311 and play mp3 music - perfect !
I use the default parameters of PMS just adding my media folders.

But now i have a problem - if i don't use the DLNA for 1-2 days and try to connect with my Denon or PS3 the PMS will not found.
If i go to the Server - shutdown the PMS Service an restart it - Than walk back to the AVR an rescan for DLNA it is visible again.
If the AVR is turn off for one hour or so -than reconnect to PMS the problem not exist!

Any Ideas ?

BTW just one more thing. When the PMS is not working anymore and i logon to the server i can see the PMS icon in the systray.
If i move the mouse over the icon and will open the context menu to enter the GUI it will not work.#
When the PMS system service is restarted the GUI access is possible via right klick context menu.
It seems the PMS hang up after some time of running ......
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Re: Problem with new PMS 1.72

Postby xaster » Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:52 pm

OK guys,

nobody have ideas ?
I played a bit :
*disable HTTP Engine V2
*enable cache
*Hide Cache folder
without success. But found an issue at this moment.
It seems my TV LG 65LM620S will crash the PS3 Mediaserver !
I did a some tests and disable the TV access to the PC at my firewall. Simple block the TV ip.
And now the PS3 Mediaserver seems to be working stable.

I will use the option "Use an IP filter ( whitelist )" to filter the TV IP now.
In case this is a whitelist i need to add 3 IP's here ( For PS3, AVR Denon and Samsung Bluray Player).
But how to enter it ?
I simple add my 3 IP's to this field with an comma as the segregation. Is this OK ?

I am not the only one with LG TV problem .....

Is maybe a solution in view ?
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