Stuttering on only 1 of 2 PS3s?

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Stuttering on only 1 of 2 PS3s?

Postby gregk232 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:54 am

Hi All,

Some weird stuff is happening in my apartment.

I have 2 TVs/2 PS3s. Both of them are connected to my home network using Poweline Adapter.

Basically the configuration looks like this - (all => means connected via Ethernet)

PC => ATT UVerse Modem => Asus Router => Powerline to Powerline in Living Room => Living Room PS3
" " Powerline to Powerline in Bedroom = > Bedroom PS3

*One powerline adapter in the office serves both the adapters (in living room and bedroom)

In addition.... Both TVs are 1080P, and are fed by the same PS3 Media Server running on my PC.
Living room PS3 has 5.1 $200 Samsung speakers connected directly to ps3 via Optical

The living room and bedroom are seperated by one wall, which has both ac outlets that are using the Powerline adapters. It's a small apartment :)

For some reason, the bedroom PS3 is handling 1080P streaming like a champ, but the living room PS3 is stuttering horribly.
The bitrate in the top right corner of the screen shows almost double on the living room ps3 as the bedroom ps3. How can this be, since they are using the same PMS on the PC?????

I have tried to fix this by:
1. Switching the adapters in the bedroom and living room.
2. Switching the cables in the bedrrom and living room.
3. Disabling the 5.1 speakers in the living room . (Through PS3 settings => Audio through HDMI to TV speakers)
4. All kinds of PMS settings, including upgrading to 1.72.

Is there a PS3 setting I have missed?
Any ideas?

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