7.1 Audio Question

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7.1 Audio Question

Postby NilsHer » Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:02 am

Well used PS3 Media Server for years, but now I have bought a surrond reciever (tx-nr616) and KHT3005SE speakers, plus a pair of m70 that was layng unused. So a fully functional 7.1 surround system.

What I cannot find is a tutorial that explains step by step how you can get the reciever to light up with DTS and dolby digital symbols so that you know for shure that the sound is the best as PMS can deliver.

So if someone can create such a tutorial, I and others as well would appreciate it.

Something like what to tick and not to tick in the PMS interface, if you have k-lite megapack installed, how to configure those settings (codectweaktool and win7dsfiltertweaker) to get the reciever to do the audio decoding, and to utilize the graphic card to do the work. And how to configure the Playstation 3 to get HD surround audio to your reciever.

Much of these setting are hardware dependent, but most computer to day are capable of doing full 1080p decoding and full HD (DTS and DD) audio playback (there are some limitations to what the ps3 console can accept from streamed DD formats).

A short best as possible setting to setting for dummies tutorial is what I am after. For the most used file formats out there (mkv, avi, mp4, ac3 and so on)

I think most users just need a tutorial like this and if this tutorial is here somewhere allready, then I just wasted a couple of hours (to try and findt it) and appologize deeply for this post.

And appologize the awfull spelling, are from Norway :P


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Re: 7.1 Audio Question

Postby techysales » Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:54 am

I too would like to know if/how to get 7.1 surround sound to play on my receiver. Or would like to know if it's even possible. After skimming through some other topics on the forum it appears that it "supports it" but it's misleading though because the actual throughput is eventually turned into 5.1. In other words if you have a 7.1 file/movie and play it via PMS it gets downgraded to 5.1. I would really like to know if there is a way to have 7.1 PLAY on my reciever using PMS.

I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed or if another topic covers this in full detail but, at the very least, it's not easily known/found on the fourum. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
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Re: 7.1 Audio Question

Postby kanti123 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:19 pm

Hm..., If you PCM your audio then have your receiver Simulate out 7.1, I have Denon AVR-4311CI I can run up to 11.1. Check your Receiver manual and see if there's an option for that, As far as I know. Not many movie out there are recorded for 7.1. The simulation I believe is called, Dolby Pro Logic IIz. I hope this help.

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