ffmpeg web video transcoder with red cross

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ffmpeg web video transcoder with red cross

Postby allerretour38 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:46 pm

Still trying to get the France24, BFM, and SkyTV mms streams going. Made some progress, though I'm not sure why.

As history, I had PS3MS streaming all of these great to my PS3 under Ubuntu Lucid, using the pmsencoder plugin. I don't remember which versions exactly.

Anyway, I updated Ubuntu to Precise P (mistake, by the way; don't like Unity), but I couldn't get the streams back. I was using ps3ms 1.6 at first, because 1.7 wasn't available on Ubuntu. It now is, so I installed it, but still no streams. I was using pmsencoder 1.6.2. In the debugging log, it appeared to be a problem with mencoder, which I've read is not longer supported for ps3ms.

So ... I figured that I'd get rid of pmsencoder completely and just do transcoding. I also changed the binaries to point at my /usr/bin files (ffmpeg, vlc, etc) instead of the ps3ms ones. Well, now, for whatever reason, I get a good BFM stream, a France24 stream with broken audio, and no Sky stream using vlc as the transcoding engine. That's progress, at least; I now have one of my three desired streams.

The thing is, if I read correctly, I thought that ffmpeg was supposed to replace the mencoder for these types of streams, but in my transcoder choices, I've got a red circle/cross next to that transcoder. Anyone know why that would be? ffmpeg is present on my host machine. If ffmpeg web video is supposed to be the new way to stream web videos (I believe that that was what was announced with the release of ps3ms 1.7), then maybe I can get France24 and Sky using that as a transcoder.

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