Decoding RTSP H.264 stream

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Decoding RTSP H.264 stream

Postby pers » Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:19 am

Hello all
It looks like there have been done a great work with this software.

I am currently working on a private project for decoding and displaying video streams from IP cameras.
The camera is streaming H.264 over rtsp.
typical url is rtsp://

Until now I have been using Xuggler for decoding the streams, but I'm not happy with the performance.
Since the PS3 mediaserver is able to transcode video as if it was live, it have impressed me with the performance.

Is there any way I can use PS3 Media server libraries for decoding H.264 and showing the result in a JPanel

Best regards
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Re: Decoding RTSP H.264 stream

Postby taconaut » Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:50 pm

Some steps are missing in your description. I don't think pms will be very useful to you except the transcoding part. The component you'll add to your JPanel which will play the video will determine if a stream needs transcoding. I had used the vlc activex in a .net application a while back to do something similar, no transcoding was required for axis cameras configured to stream h.264.
This question is well out of scope of pms and you'll have better chances finding answers in a specialized forum.
If you always wanted to have your most recent videos at the top of the folder in the ps3 or wished you could group all videos with the same genre in one folder, have a look at pms-mlx
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Re: Decoding RTSP H.264 stream

Postby TheLQ » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:17 am

Just to clarify, PMS is a server that automates using other tools to stream to DLNA clients. Note how I saw automates, meaning that it doesn't do the encoding and decoding work on its own, its left to other transcoders like ffmpeg, mencoder, and vlc. So PMS won't help you

For your problem, only thing I could think of would be embedding VLC inside of the JPanel. Luckily there's a project that does this: . Others might be available by googling.
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