Keep PC awake even if rendering is paused in the PS3

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Keep PC awake even if rendering is paused in the PS3

Postby hoekbrwr » Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:39 pm

My PC is set to go to sleep after a pretty short time of inactivity. So when we are watching a movie and we will pause the movie after a longer time as set on the PC the PC will go to sleep immediately! It would be better to set the time counter back to zero(or the other way around depending on SW) in the PC just before the set time has been reached as long as a movie is rendering. This prevents the sleeping mode when pause is activated after the PC inactivity time.
Or keep PC awake as long as PS3 is reacting on awake signals or other kind of measure.
Now I have to do a workaround and set my inactivity time longer than movie time. A bit of a hassle setting and setting it back again.
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