Sony Blu-Ray player weirdness

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Sony Blu-Ray player weirdness

Postby dlnajb » Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:36 am

Hey folks,

I was having a bit of trouble with PMS streaming to two Blu-Ray players, one a Sony BDP-S480 and another the Sony BDP-S470. The issue had to do with MKV. The S480 plays them flawlessly, even though it's connected via a repeater bridge. The S470 will only give me stuttered playback even though it's hardlined to the primary router, unless I attempt to transcode which is very hit and miss. My question is: Is the reason for this disparity due to the support for MKV for each player, or am I missing a setting in PMS? A separate issue had to do with subtitles. When I playback an MKV with subtitles on the S480 PMS steps in and transcodes the file, leading to slower start-up. If I check "Definitely disable subtitles" it will make MKV playback stop all together. Again, is there a setting I'm missing or do I just have to strip the subtitles and remux? Thanks in advance.
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