LAN wired connection iMac to SamsungTV not working

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LAN wired connection iMac to SamsungTV not working

Postby Quatscher » Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:14 pm

Hi, I hope you can help me!

I have one problem with direct LAN connection (crossover cabel) between iMac2012 and Samsung TV without router. I get the connection and I can stream videos to TV.

It works if:

1. I switch on my TV
2. Then I start or restart PS3 Media Server (The same thing if I turn on my iMac)
3. I get the connection, it's all right

What i want and it doesn't work for me:

1. Switch on my iMac or start PS3 Media Server (PS3 Media Server works as service in background)
2. Switch on my Samsung TV
3. Want to get connection, but iMac doesn't find it

I have follow configuration

iMac - Lion with all updates
Wifi, Gateway en1
LAN en0


I tried to force Server-IP and IP-Adress of TV but it didn't help
I hope for your Tipps

Sorry for my english! ;)
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