Second PS3 for OTA DVRing w/ a HDHomerun, or an XBOX 360

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Second PS3 for OTA DVRing w/ a HDHomerun, or an XBOX 360

Postby gheston » Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:08 am

Hopefully the post isn't as confusing as the title. I've got a PS3 and have been using PS3 Media Server for a year or so now to stream downloaded content from my office to the TV in the living room. I'm planning on cutting the cable and relying solely on OTA antennas for network TV. I've been thinking about getting an HDHomerun for the office and using it to records my OTA shows. I'll also have an antenna on the TV in the living room and in the bedroom, so I don't really care about watching live TV through the HDHR on the PS3. Only watching recorded shows after the fact. So I need another media extender in the bedroom. I've always been a PS3 guy, but am wondering if I should buy a second one or pick up an XBox 360 for the bedroom. The pros that I can think of so far for the XBox would be that I could have the WatchESPN app for sports, and get any exclusive games that happen to come out that aren't available for the PS3. Of course the pros for buying a second PS3 is the fact that I'm already familiar with it and that I feel it is a better machine. Does my setup sound feasible? What are your thoughts on which second media extender to buy? Thanks for the help!
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