Streaming .MKV files containing H.264 video

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Streaming .MKV files containing H.264 video

Postby xreyuk » Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:19 am

Hey guys,

I will be mainly streaming .MKV files with H.264 video, and was wondering if this will work without loss of quality, and if I'll be able to do this on my MacBook with Core 2 Duo (I would imagine this would need no transcoding etc).

If I can do the above, will I need to download any files/extensions/drivers to make it work correctly on PMS, or will it just work out of the box?

I was also wondering how I can find what sort of encoding the rest of my files contain. I.E What does a .avi file contain, so I know if it's compatible?

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Re: Streaming .MKV files containing H.264 video

Postby ergman » Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:30 pm

it depends on wich file you are streaming and how you connect the computer from where you stream and the console that you are streaming too.
The best way to stream is obviously via Ethernet cable, however even that has its own limitation, for instance if you get a file with a very high bitrate that file will be downconverted to a lower bitrate during the streaming process so that your playing will be still smooth, now if you are an enthusiast of movies and audio in hd you will notice the difference if you are not and just wanna watch your movie and than delete it from the hdd than its no problem ps3ms is the way to go, regarding standard definition content it is indeed the best program you can have to have your content on ps3 :geek:
hope this helped you
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