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Re: File system improvement

Postby ExSport » Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:20 pm

rakosnicek wrote:I rather dislike the idea of needing to use IMDB to gather the required information. For instance, I may have saved the movie in a file that is named according to my own method or in my own language and neither of which cause the right information to be returned from an IMDB query.

Do you know MovieInfo plugin?
  • 1. It supports CSFD.CZ so IMDB/Amazon/IMDB_API is not contacted 8-)
  • 2. You will have it in your own language (regarding your nickname)
This plugin can't save gathered info for now but it is doable so when info is once loaded, it will display already saved info instead of loading them from IMDB/CSFD etc.
If you are talking about PMS-MLX, then there is no CSFD plugin for now...but when I will have time to check PMS-MLX again, I will try to do plugin for it if maybe 8-)
And what I know, movie info in MLX is saved to DB so it is not loaded again from web....
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Re: File system improvement

Postby taconaut » Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:02 pm

ExSport wrote:And what I know, movie info in MLX is saved to DB so it is not loaded again from web....

This will be available for the next release.

With the head on git, any field can be edited manually for one or multiple files (tags and genres get merged if editing multiple files)

p.s. I'd love to see a plugin not written by me to show up ;)
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If you always wanted to have your most recent videos at the top of the folder in the ps3 or wished you could group all videos with the same genre in one folder, have a look at pms-mlx
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