Mac internet share with ps3 via ethernet

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Mac internet share with ps3 via ethernet

Postby Arcadiu » Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:58 pm

Ok so I used the ps3 media server to stream some films to my ps3 via WIFI. Now this was all fine, program worked well ect however it was mega laggy and my wifi connection stinks. My peak bitrate would be 22mb/s and usually it was around 10-15mb/s sometimes even lower. This really ruined the experience for me and there was the occasional problem with slow loadings and re-winding and fast forwarding was an absolute NIGHTMARE. What I had then seen and wanted to do was use the WIFI connection that links my macbook to the internet, to use that connection to connect my ps3 to the internet VIA ETHERNET CABLE. Essentially internet sharing. What I have done to achieve this is I edited bootpd.plist and changed a value to 0. I enabled internet sharing on my mac, I then plugged in my ethernet cable to my ps3 and mac and on the ps3 side of things, I pressed easy internet settings which automaticly set the IP address and all those settings. I've got this far, the internet is working on my ps3 and mac and I'm connected to playstation network. I run ps3 media server to get the films and it doesnt show up at all?

1. Can someone please help me and get ps3 media server to show
2. Show another and/or easier way in which the above problem can be solved.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Mac internet share with ps3 via ethernet

Postby bangkokmac » Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:16 pm

Did you ever get this to work? I'm trying to do the exact same thing, except I haven't gotten nearly as far as you. I'm a tech moron and need somebody to hold my hand. Been searching google for hours and have gotten nowhere. Thanks.
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