Video_ts transcoding - power needed?

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Video_ts transcoding - power needed?

Postby gareth.h.rees » Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:30 am

Hello All.

Just installed PMS on my macbook and am trying to send my dvd's (ripped to computer as Video_TS file structures).

Even over ethernet (100mbps, cat5e)I seem to be experiencing stutter of the video. Its the new 2ghz Dual Core, with 2gb RAM so power should be okay?

I'm thinking maybe its transcoding to something when it doesn't need to be? I'm not sure, but I'd imagine all it needs to do is link all the chapters together, which the ps3 can't manage - it *can* play each chapter individually though (when shared via network drive).

Perhaps I need to turn some of the encoding options off?

Also, a general question, but say I built a machine exclusively to run PMS - Would it auto connect to the ps3 if the ps3 was turned on and off several times a day?
I don't really want to have to have a visual interface for the server, nor do I want to complicate things by having to remote-desktop in to it every time I turn the ps3 on!

Cheers - looking forward to getting this system working!
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