iTunes Library size issues...

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iTunes Library size issues...

Postby owhiso26 » Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:48 am

Running PMS v 1.4 under OS X Snow Leopard on two separate machines (non-concurrently).

At this time, one of the systems has an iTunes Library with about 75GB of music files. This library, as well as other shared folders, shows up on the PS3 very quickly upon connection, is fast to browse, and so far entirely error-free.

The other system is set to access a huge iTunes library, the result of merging several different ones I had created. SIze of this library is almost 620GB. On this system, with "Show iTunes Library" enabled in PMS, I cannot access any files from the PS3, instead receiving constant DLNA errors (2006 and 2114).

Now, since I'm really not expecting PMS to readily handle such a ridiculous amount of data from iTunes, this is no big surprise, and is not critical by any means, but it does raise the following questions:

1. What's the largest iTunes library that has been successfully run via PMS/PS3 by someone on this forum?
2. I did increase the Java heap size as defined in info.plist from 768 to 1500. Any other Java or OS tweaks that might help out with performance?
3. PS3 is connected to the network by wireless, and this has been working fine for streaming videos, pictures and music. Would establishing an ethernet connection have a significant impact on the amount of iTunes data the PMS/PS3 can handle? (This would be somewhat involved at my location, so I'd rather ask first ;-))

Thanks for any ideas! -o
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Re: iTunes Library size issues...

Postby RustyRob » Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:11 am

Experiencing ERROR 2006!

My iTunes library file size:
- iTunes Library.itl = 9.4MB
- iTunes Library.xml = 34MB
covering about 230GB worth of data.

The error didn't appear a couple of days ago. However since then I've added a fair bit of movie data to the library, which - I assume - lead to that ERROR.
Therefore the library size could be the issue for the ERROR 2006!

I've played around with all sorts of settings on the tab "Navigation/Share settings" - switching cache on/off, hiding certain folders, but nothing does the trick.

The only way that worked for me:
- disable "Show iTunes Library"
- Add the iTunes Media folder under "Shared Folders"

Unfortunately that would only allow you to browse your iTunes files, but not to play them back!

Open for any suggestions!
Thank you.
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