Force AAC Transcode

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Force AAC Transcode

Postby Encrypted » Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:39 pm

The PS3 supports AAC 5.1 but my receiver doesn't. Most people probably have this configuration. So, when I download a movie that has AAC 5.1 audio, PMS doesnt try to transcode it because it thinks the PS3 can support it natively and sends it direct. Problem is, the PS3 handles this by downscaling the audio to 2 CH stereo. I would like the ability to force PMS to transcode AAC 5.1 to DD 5.1. I have got it to work sort of by editing the profile for the PS3 but it doesnt work very well. It crashes out while detecting AAC 5.1 and gives an error. It would be nice if it was a GUI option similar to the DTS options.
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