Srt on usb

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Srt on usb

Postby legendin » Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:23 am

Is it possible to play Divx movies On ps3 using a usb memory card, with subtitles?
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Re: Srt on usb

Postby Val Killmore » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:27 am

OK, there's a couple scenarios, based on your fairly vague question, possibly posted on the wrong forum site, as this site is dedicated to the program PS3 Media Server.

If you mean,

- can you use a USB device directly on your PS3 to play divx with subs so they can be turned on and off (soft subs)....
then I believe so, but the subs need to be idx/sub format if I recall correctly. Don't quote me.

- thru PS3 Media Server, to function as above, then yes, but you would need to add that USB drive to the list of shared folders in the PMS gui, and the subs would again, need to be in the same format as above, in order to function as above (soft subs)
Thru PS3 Media Server, however, you can also use external or embedded .srt subs (other container formats like MKV) , and transcode the video to display them. They would however, not be a 'toggle' soft sub option, but be a part of the video. ( in effect, transcoding hard codes the subs to the video 'on the fly' )

So, if I confused you, I apologize, but you weren't too specific.
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