WebM/VP8 Video Support

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WebM/VP8 Video Support

Postby glypo » Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:01 pm

PMS is the coolest software, genuinely amazing what can be done. However, it seems to be missing WebM support? AFAIK MEncoder can cope with WebM. Well, WebM wrapper is VP8 video with Vorbis audio right? So we already know audio should be no issue and it's just the VP8 video.

I had a look in /renderers/PS3.conf but this seems to state what a device can natively handle. So perhaps it's somewhere in the source that is not allowing WebM/VP8? I tried changing the extension to see if it was ignoring WebM simply based on my original extension (.webm) but it wasn't, so I have a feeling somewhere in the code it's not allowed.

I didn't want to checkout the SVN as I am no Java expert, so thought I would raise a feature request instead. I hope very soon Sony will release a firmware update with a full HTML 5 browser and native .webm support, until then if PMS can server my WebM I would be over the moon.

Thanks :-)
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Re: WebM/VP8 Video Support

Postby fireman_biff » Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:12 pm

Give the WebM file a .mkv extension and it should work fine (at least it does for me).

Since MEncoder supports MKV but the PS3 does not, PMS will use MEncoder to transcode MKV files. Since MEncoder also supports WebM it will happily transcode it to something the PS3 supports, even if it has a .mkv extension (the extension is just to trick PMS into transcoding it). And with the .mkv extension VLC and Totem still play it fine on the PC.

If you're running Linux and want a fast way to change the file extension you can run this in the terminal after going to the directory containing the videos
(I think the rename command might vary among distro's, but this definitely works in Mint/Ubuntu and similar):
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rename 's/.webm/.mkv/' *.webm
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