Freebsd transcoding issues

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Freebsd transcoding issues

Postby tlc » Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:31 am

Good evening. I love this product, however, I'm running into an issue with any transcoding (mencoder, tsmuxer, etc.).

My specs are a FreeBSD 7.1 box with a P4 2g and 1.2 GB of RAM, 100Mb connection.

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[mkfifo] INFO  23:51:44.044 Starting mkfifo --mode=777 /var/tmp/javaps3media/1236059503987videoout
[Thread-63] DEBUG 23:51:44.068 mkfifo: illegal option -- -
[Thread-63] DEBUG 23:51:44.070 usage: mkfifo [-m mode] fifo_name ...

So, I guess the code is trying to invoke mkfifo using --mode, where that's not going to work on my system. I could obviously trick the system into allowing that commandline argument, but I thought I'd pass this along. The correct command line is mkfifo -m for FreeBSD. If I change getPipeProcess() in to account for BSD in the Platform.isMac() test, I get around this error, FYI.

I also run into mktemp issues, too:

Code: Select all
"mktemp: option requires an argument -- t"

I'm assuming that we're running into executable command line incompatibilities. It would be nice to have a build that would use mkfifo with the argument "-m" instead of "--mode" and likewise with mktemp (-t needs an add'l arg).

But even after circumventing both of these issues, the tmp files are still not being seen:

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Starting mkfifo -m 777 /var/tmp/javaps3media/1236061450979videoout
mkfifo: setmode: No such file or directory

Please help. This software is awesome.
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Re: Freebsd transcoding issues

Postby shagrath » Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:18 pm

your mkfifo must be broken, cause "setmode" seems to be the name taken into account (and not /var/tmp/etc.)
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Re: Freebsd transcoding issues

Postby tlc » Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:46 pm

Hmm. That's a good suggestion, but mkfifo is working with everything else on the system. I'll continue to plunk around.

Also, is there any priority in getting the Media Library scanning completely divorced from swing? I ask, because I'm running this on a server w/o X at all. I understand if there's no priority at all as your userbase that doesn't run a gui is probably <1%.

I'm reasonably good with Java/Swing/H2, so I wouldn't mind taking a stab at refactoring a class based on your DNLAMediaDatabase to scan the library w/o a gui present. Would you guys have a problem with that? If you're cool with that, would you have an issue with me writing up MySQL support? ;)

Again, thank you so much for this software and your responsiveness.
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Re: Freebsd transcoding issues

Postby Redlum » Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:41 pm

You can always propose a patch, worst case is that it will only work for yourself. I think it would be pretty cool to have the server completely separated from the GUI, this opens up a lot of other possibilities.
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Re: Freebsd transcoding issues

Postby tlc » Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:50 pm

Well, I got it working but it's just a hack for now. All I did was was call PMS.get().getDatabase().scanLibrary(); after DB initialization in net.pms.dlna.DLNAMediaDatabase. It worked great. But, it'll only run the scan when the db is initialized.

I was going to work in some ways of getting around that (along with mysql support), but, unfortunately, I realized I wouldn't even use this functionality after I tried it. I've got my music/videos organized how I view them already. But, it did complete, and it did work, so it's definitely possible. It took about 7 hours and the h2 db ended up being around 300mb. That was just the initial build, so I'm sure the subsequents will be more reasonable.

But, thanks for the suggestion! I'm working on getting transcoding working in FreeBSD (and I suppose other UNIX-likes), because there's an issue with how mkfifo/mktemp is getting called.

Regardless, I use this software everyday even without the media library stuff. Thank you guys so much. It's awesome. When you get 360 support finished, it's going to be unstoppable. (I also like that it's such a great excuse to run a Java app). :D
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