Streaming media with Pms while cpu is offline?

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Streaming media with Pms while cpu is offline?

Postby tundra9 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:40 pm

Hi, new user and first post here, I was wondering if it is possible to stream what I have on my cpu while the cpu is offline, but while my PS3 is connected directly to the cpu with an ethernet cable?
I've searched for solutions but no luck...

And is there any way to deny other PS3s access to my cpu, while my cpu is online, without denying my own PS3 access?
I realize this is no PSM related question, but I can't find any solutions.
The network I am on is being shared by 5 houses, 24 apartments, and I don't want unauthorized access to either my cpu or my PS3, by other PS3s.
Other cpus on this network has no access to my cpu, as it is password activated, is there any way to activate some sort of password for PS3 access as well?

Just so it is said, PMS works fine, streaming is close to perfect, 512mb/s, excellent software, was getting boring having to convert all my files for the PS3 :P
hope someone can help.

thanks, tundra9
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Re: Streaming media with Pms while cpu is offline?

Postby Madoka » Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:51 am

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Re: Streaming media with Pms while cpu is offline?

Postby devildog93 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:48 am

Not sure what you mean by offline. PS3 Media Server is all local network traffic (other than web streaming) so a little confused what you mean.

You can enable the ip filter in PMS. Enter the ip of your PS3 into the "Use an IP filter" box on the General Configuration tab.....

For example...

Use an IP filter: <-------example

Your PS3 would then be the only renderer/device able to access your PS3 Media Server and it's shared folders. This would secure your PMS to only your PS3, but your PC might show up on the local network. Folders visible there are beyond the scope of PMS and your responsibility to secure.


If you need to direct connect your PS3, you can do it with just a plain old Cat5e ethernet cable and Internet Connection Sharing set up. This would use your WiFi NIC of your PC to connect to the internet and your local network, but have a direct ethernet to ethernet connection between your PS3 and PC. This would allow a secure connection between your PS3 and your PC.
If you have more than one ethernet adapter on the PC, even better.

Set up ICS thru Windows. Set your PC wifi up like normal then, connect a Cat5e cable from PC - PS3 then set up ip's as follows in this link......


Media streaming works very well this way as it's direct wired, but I have no idea how well ICS works as far as PS3 online thru your PC wifi adapter.
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Re: Streaming media with Pms while cpu is offline?

Postby drifting » Sun May 01, 2011 7:57 pm

There are external hard drives (such as the buffalo) that have their contents accessible via network while computer is offline, however I do not know if these hard drives can have ps3media server installed on them and thus serve files while your computer is turned off. I believe they have their own builtin file servers - do not know if the ps3 would be able to pick it up.

If you have your files on computer, and your computer is turned off - then of course there is no way you can access those files with your computer turned off (think about it for a little bit).

Your question was : could you allow only 1 ps3 to access your network - the answer would be YES. you could change your router password and not give it to the person w/ the other ps3, thus when you are online only you and your ps3 would have the password - the other ps3 would not - if you want to go back and forth, just change password back after you get offline.
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