PMS 1.10 and ubuntu 64bits

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Re: PMS 1.10 and ubuntu 64bits

Postby Jagged » Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:08 am

RyLoS wrote:And IF you want, you can install wine and put last tsmuxer.exe for windows on /pms/linux directory renaming it "tsMuxer" and making it executable with chmod +x tsMuxer.

I'm currently using tsMuxer 1.8.19 under my ubuntu server (64bit) with PS3MediaServer.


I've been trying this, but the problem is that it has a propensity for causing issues. Namely, I've seen threads crash in PMS, but leave mencoder running. New requests won't be processed until you restart PMS. What is really needed is an updated linux binary for tsMuxeR, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

With regards to the multithreading question, the default build of mencoder only supports multithreading decodes/encodes for some codecs (namely mpeg2 supports multithreaded encoding). x264 does not include multithreaded decoding support. There is a patch that you can use and compile a custom version to add multithreaded x264 decoding support, (perhaps there is a package for Ubuntu, but i doubt it).
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