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Postby kleinyan » Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:30 pm

Hi all,

i been trying to read regarding stream HD content from my PC to the PS3 and i am a bit confused

i have an MKV stream , standard HDTV episode ( guess it 720p h264 with AC3) + .srt file

now as far as i understand the ps3 doesn't support mkv container , but it does support other containers such as mp4,m2ts , ts , avi , and so on

moveever i understood that each of those containers are capable of containing subtitles as part of the stream , meaning not using 2 files but rather a one file interleving Video , Audio and Subtitles

on the other hand i also understand that ps3 support those container but no the subtitles feature

so can someone please list here the support of each container for embedded subtitles , and the PS3 support for this container with subtitles

is there any combination of HD content ( 264 video stream with subtitles ) that can be thoretically on remuxed from an *.mkv file on the fly by PS3 media server , and if so why isn't this feature working with Tsmuxer ?

waiting eagerily for an clarifying answer :-) ;-) ;-)

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Re: subtitles

Postby shagrath » Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:03 pm

the answer is quite simple: the ps3 does support embedded subtitles only with .avi and divx video. No H264, No DTS, No AC3, nothing but mpeg4 and mp3...
that's why we have to fully transcode the video
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Re: subtitles

Postby Subject2Change » Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:07 pm

PS3 does not natively support MKVs so Transcoding is required for it to be viewable a decently powerful system (atleast a decent dual core) and a wired connection are strongly recommended. In order for PMS to force a transcode you must enter the #Transcode# folder in which the file resides in, if there are external subs like SRT file there should be multiple selections in that folder saying subtitles found and then then language of the sub. This will force it to embed the subs into the transcoded file ANY file with external or internal subs to my knowledge will require transcoding if they are HARDCODED into the file meaning they cannot be turned on or off and are actually baked into the frames then you will not need to transcode it unless it a file type that is not native to the PS3 like an MKV.

edit and beat to the post :p
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Re: subtitles

Postby kleinyan » Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:20 pm

shagrath thanks for you quick reply, it is much clearer now

Subject2change you are a bit wrong , since without subtitles there is no need to transcode at all but rather only remux

mkv is a container if all the codec in the file are supported like 264, and ac3 are you basically only need to remux them , meaning that you just write them in a little bit diffrent order

tsmuxer change mkv to another container with out even decoding the stream

on the other hand transcoding meaning (decode + fast encoding (hint from teh decoding makes the encoding quicker ) )but it means that you end up with an Mpeg4 stream or even worse an mpeg2 stream

since h264 is far superior in quality for the same bitrate , you end up with a much bigger bit rate for the same quality meaning you need a monster computer to do the transcoding , and 1 gigabit network card connection in order to stream it

so it not even close in complexity to only remuxing , and if the *@(&(# ps3 programmer would be kind enough to support any of the standards to it fullest we can remux MKV with no problem using PS3 media server

one more question though , why isn't h264 Encoding supported ? just becuase you need a monstrous PC to do it in realtime ???
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