Playing a shared file that is growing ?

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Playing a shared file that is growing ?

Postby tictac35 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:39 pm

Hi all,

I would like to read a file that is growing on my PC (current record of a tv show) but is seems the library is updating the same mame of file with a different timestamp.

Here is what I'm trying to do ,I would like to see my ADSL-TV on the PS3
( I was doing it before with windows/tversity and I would like to reproduce it with MAC OSX/PS3MS) :

I'm running a web site on the Mac to start/stop recording a tv show with VLC (always recording the same file tv.mpg) , so with the PS3 I'm able to stop/start
a recording by connecting my navigator to my local web site (this is a kind of remote control).

After that I'm trying to playback my file with the PS3 menu /Video/PS3MS/tv.mpg , the main problem is that this file is growing and PS3MS generate
a list of files ,tv.mpg - 60 s tv.mpg 120 s ......, instead of trying to continue reading the file current growing file ....

I know that a future release will have this direct feature to read internet streaming on the MAC, but just in case if someone have an idea...

Many Thanks.
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