mencoder really ace but avisynth/mencoder stuts

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mencoder really ace but avisynth/mencoder stuts

Postby tinmanuk » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:24 pm

PMS v1.10 - windows vista
AMD 64 x2 duo core 4200+, 4 gig ram, 800 gig HD
wired 100 mbit network - cat 6 cable
dts/flac selected for my hdmi amp - mutli core support turned on and subs turned off

ccc codec pack, avisynth 2.5.7, Core avc pack and Haalia Splitter

Anyway I have 1080p films streaming ace, really fast using mencoder. However .MKV films that will only play using avisynth/mencoder stutter very badly.

So is there anyway I can speed up avisynth/mencoder so it plays just like the mencoder one or a rough explenation why it wont ?

Looking forward to your expert help ;)
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