PS3 + Laptop as Network Bride = No PMS?

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PS3 + Laptop as Network Bride = No PMS?

Postby logrithmic » Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:19 am


Love the software and have been using it for a few weeks now.

This may not be a PMS question but maybe someone can help.

I have one of my PS3s hooked up to a laptop as a network bridge in order to play online. However, when I try to see PMS it doesn't come up. I think PMS actually sees the PS3 but I have another PS3 on the same network wirelessly and I can't tell which one its seeing. Even when alternately turning them off PMS can't really tell me what it's seeing or if it's even seeing the network bridged PS3.

How can I get my PS3 with the network bridge to see PMS? Does the other PS3 conflict with the software?

PMS works great on my other PS3.


reading that over wish the acronym wasn't PMS haha
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Re: PS3 + Laptop as Network Bride = No PMS?

Postby vwalien » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:20 pm

So a couple of questions for you, is your PMS running from your laptop that is a bridge? or is it running on some other computer on your internal network?

Is the PMS Server on the same layer2 network as your PS3? The reason I am asking, is that if you are using a laptop as a bridge, with multiple network adapters, it could block the PMS broadcast messages from one side of the network to the other.

My understanding is that the PS3 Media Server uses broadcast messages and sends out sends out discovery messages, and as broadcast messages are blocked by routers and bridges, so they will not make the jump.

if your PS3 and PMS are on different subnets or networks, your bridge will not forward broadcast messages. That is the core design of a bridge, to isolate broadcast domains.

this info is from basic networking, I haven't dug into the PS3 media server to figure out if it is indeed using broadcast messages (but thats what the log files indicate).

Best bet for troubleshooting would be to plug your PS3 into the same layer2 switch as your PMS and see if it works that way. Be sure to have both systems on the same ip subnet as well.

Don't go by what the PMS tells you, look on your PS3 XMB and see if it detects the media server. Oh and be sure to enable the media server connection under the PS3 network settings.
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Re: PS3 + Laptop as Network Bride = No PMS?

Postby logrithmic » Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:26 am

Thanks for the thorough response. I'll try those things and get back!

Thanks! :)
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Re: PS3 + Laptop as Network Bride = No PMS?

Postby dai-kun » Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:08 am

I have a repeater (connected to ps3) and it's subnet is while my host router (connected to my PC) is, from my understanding the ps3 won't be detected if it's on another subnet. When setting up the repeater the instructions told me that it needs to be on different subnet so is there any way I can get my ps3 to be detected on my host router?
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