UDF 2.5 support

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UDF 2.5 support

Postby rudy » Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:09 pm


I'm wondering if the support for ISO UDF 2.5 can be build-in in to PS3 Media Server.
This is the standaard for reading or be able to e.g. read blu-ray ISO's.
Like the posters on ps3avchd.net. They create a DVD9 (ISO) from a blu-ray dvd

When you open a blu-ray ISO by using RAR or mount the ISO with deamon tools, you will see nothing, but after the installation you will.

Download link:

Install option:
If you have a Toshiba dvd drive just follow the installation guide, if you do not have a Toshiba dvd drive you will have to install it like this:
There is an easy way to "trick" installation of the Toshiba UDF2.5 driver on non Toshiba PCs.

1.) Unzip or unrar it.

2.) Start setup.

It will tell you, that you cannot install it on your non-Toshiba PC.

Navigate to your temp directory with explorer. You'll find a directory named like this: {1347D5A6-4FE0-476A-B85F-D0FC91F55EB0}

Enter it. You'll find two files:
thdudf.inf and thdudf.sys

Right click thdudf.inf, select "Install".

Wait a while. Close the Message Box. Reboot.
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