PMS can't detect network interface eth0 - Opensuse 11.1

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PMS can't detect network interface eth0 - Opensuse 11.1

Postby spitfire » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:16 am

Hi all;

I'm struggling with this problem for a couple of days and now i'm out of ideas. Here's my headache;

i can run PMS perfectly on Vista with both wired and wireless connection. But in OpenSuse 11.1 it does detect only wlan0 and loopback interface, although ethernet port on my laptop blinks and works perfectly with other system services. I'm using PMS v1.04 and it doesn't print out any error messages during start-up. Just there isn't eth0 interface in the "General Configuration" tab and doesn't detected in the "Traces" section.
I've turned off firewall (both software and hardware). Tried to manage network devices with both ifup and NetworkManager, shut down wlan0 interface from laptop's wireless switch but didn't work out for me :(
My laptop is a Toshiba A200 series one.OpenSuse 11.1, Java ver, kernel ver on KDE 4.1 without desktop effects (both native and compiz)

Any ideas appreciated, i don't want to run vista anymore, its only connection with me is Ps3MediaServer. if i can work this out i can kiss my NTFS partition goodbye :)

PS: Sorry for my English, it's not my native language ;)
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